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Hi, my name is Kaoru Nakahara. I run a group called ROOTS & WINGS and organize and host parties for different age group.  Educators and family members of those age groups are always welcome.

The World Reads for 0-12 years old

Kids Ambassador for 6 years old to 12

Teen Ambassador for teens

Young Ambassador for 20-50

                                                              Senior Ambassador for over 50.


Roots&Wings has been hosting international parties incooperation with various embassies and organizations in Japan. The event is carried out in English/Japanese plus book reading in various languages.


Embassies and diplomats, international schools, international corporations from over 30 different countries have co-hosted events with us. 


Our activities has been featured in TV Asahi,  Japan Times, Sankei- Shinbun, Magazine and other main stream media in Japan.


ROOTS & WINGS is hosting international cultural exchange party and monthly book club in Tokyo. The aim of the event is to promote education and international mutual understanding. We welcome everyone who is interested in world literature and cultural exchange to participate in the event. 

At the event there will be a book reading, a raffle, cultural performances by respective countries and more. There will also be a special guest arriving to the event from different country.
ROOTS & WINGS would highly appreciate your company's support for the event by donating some products/services or promotional items (e.g. Books, stationery, company branded t-shirts, key-rings etc). These items would be used as raffle prizes or read in the event. In recognition of your generous support we will promote your company at the event.

All donations, big and small, will be gratefully received. If you are interested in supporting this event, please contact me by email ( at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,
Kaoru Nakahara

 Roots & WINGS





You can read more about us in the following link.


The Delegation of the EU to Japan


in English



The Japan Times



The Embassy of Finland  website



The Global Us IN JAPAN


Additional Information:





If any corporations are interested in sponsoring us, or if there are web sites that are willing to support us, do contact us!


Thorough this event, I hope children and parents will learn to embrace diversity in cultures and languages and also develop interest in books.

The event is carried out in English with Japanese translation.


During our activity-filled event, children and parents listen to the ambassadors or you read picture books of his/her country in their native tongues, and listen to songs that children grow up with in those countries. We also share traditional children’s snacks from those countries and ask the presenters questions such as what kind of bedtime stories their parents read to them.



As we all know, we are flooded with “information” from the web, TV, and imported materials when it comes to international exposure, but there are certain things you can only get through actual experience. I think parents are looking for much more than two-dimensional data for their children. I hope to offer visitors to my event a piece of that real-life international experience to take home and to help them toward their future learning and understanding.



My efforts do not involve making profits. As a mother, I simply want my child and his future fellow global citizens to have the opportunity to meet the world at an early age.



I believe it’s every adult’s responsibility to try to give him or her that chance. The world is very inter-connected today and will only continue to be even more so. We are all interdependent, and we must understand and cooperate with each other on so many different levels.



It is my wish that all the children and parents who participate in the event will celebrate diversity and be inspired by a role model like you as you represent the beacon of mutual respect and understanding between Japan and your country.



This is also a great opportunity for your embassy, company, or group to directly communicate with families and promote your products and services. I hope you will find the time out of your busy schedule and make their day a memorable one!

Now, some administrative information. I plan to carry out the book-reading sessions in the following fashion. This is the way I usually do a session at embassies. But the order and details can be changed according to your needs. I welcome your input and comments.





Children or parents will make a small presentation about your country or introduce their culture to you. It is to give children a chance to get involved and be part of the presentation, not just sit in and receive lecture. About 10min.


2. Introduction of the country and your company from your side. Make a small presentation to the audience about the country and the company in any way you like. You could feature the population, tourist spots, major exporting goods, major events and news in recent years and so on. 10min.


3. Presenter read children’s books. Read them in your native language. There will be a translation of your reading. 10min


4. Presenter sings or plays CD. The music/songs should be classic or popular children’s songs from your country. 10min.


5. Q&A session. Here are sample questions: How often did your parents read for you when you were a child? How did book-reading help you to become international journalist? What was your favorite story? 10min.


6. Taking pictures with the children in the audience. Promote organization, products or services or give away free samples or leaflets. You can also sell products at the venue. 10 min


There can be more than one presenter. The presenter can be the member of your organization him/herself, his/her spouse or children. The session will be hosted in Japanese with an English interpreter if needed. If you wish to speak in a language other than Japanese or English, I have to ask you to have an interpreter.


The links below are information regarding WRC. I hope you will join the book-reading sessions along with other embassies and corporations. Please click links to see previous book-reading sessions with different embassies and organizations.


I am looking forward to seeing you at The World Reads for Children.


Right now, I live in Japan so we hold the event in Japan but you can join us via internet or you can start The World Reads for Children in your country!


From the start I envisioned that there'll be The World Reads for Children in every country. Please let me know if you'd like to start this project in your country. I'll do my at most to give you any support I could give. I welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can make this project better and localize it to your country's needs.


I'm hoping diplomats, ambassadors, corporate executives, and writers who red the story for us or anyone who's willing, will start The World Reads for Children in their country or in their next posting so The World Reads for Children would spread around the world.




We have a monthly get together.  Our activities includes reading books from around the world, learn about Japan and other culture, arts&crafts, songs, and have potluck parties to enjoy foods from different places. It's free for international families.


Every month, we're looking for "TODAY'S READER " who can read book  from their cultures to others at our monthly meeting.


All you need is to read a book from your country in your native language, introduce your culture to other members, share your love for books and embrace diversity!

If you join us as a featured book-reader, your participation in the monthly meeting is always free. You don't have to read every time you come unless you want to. 


If you would like to join us just as an audience, we welcome you to just drop by.


We're also looking for "Today's teacher" who would like to give us their sample lesson in English (Kids Yoga, cooking, music, dance...etc) to promote his/her school or class to our group. 




For those of you who can't join us in person, will you share your book-reading with the world by uploading it to the project's channel on youtube?




I am trying to create a place for families from all over the world in various cultures and languages to come together on the web.


If you know another language, please pass on this message in that language to parents all over the world.


I also welcome volunteers who would translate the local languages that the videos are in, as well as people to spread the word out about the project.

I will introduce the submitted audio and video files on the WRC project web site.


In addition, it could be pretty difficult for many mothers and fathers to attend an actual fair with their jobs, daily household affairs and family commitments.


As I got more involved in the planning of WRC project, I thought about how I can make available seemingly remote world's children's books and reading samples to everyone. And I realized that the internet and the technology already exist!




I am looking forward to working with ambassadors, CEOs, parents, children, publishers, writers, educators and more across the globe in sharing the wonderful world of books and stories. If you can come to one of our book reading party in person that's wonderful or you can join us via internet.

If any corporations are interested in sponsoring us, or if there are web sites that are willing to support us, do contact us!



If you are a children's book writer or publisher, please introduce your book in person or via YOUTUBE.


Let's give the gift of book-reading in your native language using your selection of books. I will deliver it to families who are eager to know how your children's education takes place in your home.


I hope we can all share the wonderful tradition of story-telling in various countries.

It would also be neat to archive many of the disappearing languages and stories along the way.


If you are uploading your book-reading on YOUTUBE or other video web sites, please standardize the title as below so that it is easier for the rest of us to search.


WRC project: (the language), (book/story title) by (reader name/screen name/anonymous)


For example; "WRC project: Japanese, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Kaoru"


As you submit your files, I will screen and rummage through the collection of various languages, dialects, accents, ages, locales, and introduce the best on the web site.


I am also hoping to add translation as much as possible.

I would appreciate it if anyone can add comments or subtitles to the videos.

We can all pull together and overcome the language difference!





I welcome all of your comments and ideas.


Come join the World Reads for Children Project!


Thank you, in advance!

Kaoru Nakahara